Bikes thought by riders, for riders
Because we are first and foremost passionate
Ultra durable and built to last
Designed to be efficient and easy to ride 
Fully customisable according to your desires
All of it made in Auvergne, France

Unique bikes

frame paint and sticker colours customisable according to your wishes. Adapted and bespoke geometry. Custom build for the components. We give you the choice, for unique bikes that look like you!

Efficent and durable

The high quality steels we use offer great responsiveness and more forgiveness, making efficient frames that help you push your limits on every ride for many years to come, thanks to their incredible longevity.

Made in France

From the design to the assembly of the bikes, including the welding of our frames, all the manufacturing is handled from our workshop in Auvergne. We also work with local partners for some machined parts.

An eco-friendly act

By offering durable frames, with recyclable materials, and by reducing transport through our local partners in France, we are proud to be able to reduce the environmental and human impact of Vulcain Cycles.



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