Frame Only / Custom build :
From 2900€
Completes Bikes (on order only) :
– RideReady – 27.5″ : 5900€
– Ultimate – Mx : 7400€
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Get a suitable bike, customizable according to your wishes and durable :

Bespoke Geometry

Crucial point for an adapted bike, the geometry of your frame is defined according to your riding style, your dimensions, and the ideal behaviour you are looking for.

Custom Finish

With Vulcain, your bike will be unique. We offer a wide choice from our catalogues, or from our partners, with a total of almost 6500 shades available.

Choose your Build

We offer the Magma DH as a frameset only, as a complete bike with 2 setups available, and as a custom build on quotation, with a total choice of components.

Built to last

Our high-grade Steels allow the Magma DH to be extremely durable and resistant to all types of impacts, thanks to their mechanical strength and ductility.

A bike designed to go fast and far!


With its high strength steel tubes, 200mm of travel, and a progressive and sensitive 4-bar linkage kinematics, here is the MAgma DH, our downhill frame, solid, fun and efficient.

Get on the chairlift or go up in the shuttle, to the top of the slopes. Always ready for a good dose of adrenaline, the Magma DH will go down without worrying about rocks and roots, and will handle the biggest jumps and turns.

Efficient and nervous when you need it, tolerant when you’re on the edge of a riding mistake. All this with incredible durability, staying dynamic even after many years of riding.

Designed with the best materials and technologies:

  • Front triangle made of Reynolds 921 stainless steel. Rear parts in Reynolds 853 steel.
  • Machined parts in 15CDV6 steel, a reference in motor sport and aeronautics.
  • 3D metallic printing on the swingarm, in Maraging steel, ultra resistant.
  • Linkage parts and bolts in anodised 7075-T6 aluminium, aircraft quality.
  • Rear shock axles in high performance stainless steel.
  • Bearing MAX range, for increased durability and reliability.
  • Heavy duty industrial Powder Coat, tougth shock resistance

Frame Specifications :

  • Naked frame weight : 4,2 kg (with a 450mm reach)
  • Wheel sizes : full 27,5’’ or Mx 29’’Av/27,5″Ar
  • Rear axle 12x150mm
  • Rear travel 200mm
  • Rear shock model 250x75mm
  • semi-integrated headset ZS44
  • Bottom bracket BSA 83mm with ISCG05 attachment
  • Seatpost Ø31.6mm with Ø34.9mm seatpost Clamp
  • External guided hooses for an easy and smooth service

Geometry :


At Vulcain, the geometry of your frame is made to measure. For the proper operation of the frame, certain values are blocked. You will find all the dimensions below:

  • Length [Reach] : Made to measure
  • Length [Stack] : Made to measure
  • Headtube Angle : 63.5°
  • Theorical seattube angle : 76°
  • Effective seattube angle : 71.25°
  • Seattube length [HST] : Made to measure
  • Fork height [HF] : Depending on model
  • Fork offset [DF] : Depending on model
  • Headtube length [HDD] : Made to measure
  • TopTube length [LTT] : Made to measure
  • Chainstay length [LB] : 438mm
  • Wheelbase [EMP] : Made to measure
  • BB Drop [BBd] : -5mm 27,5″ / -12mm Mx
  • Height BB/Ground[HBBS] : 350mm

A sensitive, progressive and responsive suspension, ready to deal with any situation 

The Magma DH has been designed to be super efficient with a ” 4-bar linkage ” kinematics, creating a deformable parallelogram, with a virtual pivot point . This system makes it possible to combine and optimize many suspension parameters thanks to the great freedom of trajectory of the rear wheel.

Leverage ratio

The Magma DH has a progressive suspension ratio of about 38%. The ratio decreases throughout the travel, which translates into a very high sensitivity on small bumps, a good support on the mid travel and a very good firmness at the end of the stroke to avoid the heavy bottoming. 

Anti-squat and Anti-rise

The anti-squat at the SAG is about 120%, allowing efficient and nervous accelerations, without pumping effect.

The anti-squat is between 55% and 65%. These values ensure a good stability of the geometry and a reactive bike during braking or in very rough sections.

Rear axle path

By moving backwards, the trajectory of the rear wheel allows to gain in sensitivity and speed, which gives a good nervousness and more comfort. On the second part of the travel, the trajectory reverses, forcing the bike to slow down, and to stabilize on big jumps for example.

Completes Bikes :

Vélo Complet-Magma DH-tarif 2023

Tests / Presse reviews :

" Ce Vulcain Magma DH nous a fait une très forte impression. C’est un vélo performant, pas de doute là-dessus, mais il est surtout facile, confortable et hyper ludique. En plus, il pédale bien ! Il facilite la vie de son pilote, procure un plaisir dingue à chaque session [...] ce Magma DH est une vraie pépite !. "
" Dans les parties techniques et rocailleuses de la piste, c’est là que le Vulcain révèle sa vraie nature ! On peut facilement s’envoyer en bunny-up pour éviter un rocher ou alléger le vélo au dernier moment tant le contrôle du cadre est agréable. "
" Rares sont les vélos descente artisanaux et sur mesure [...] La démarche est belle. Au moins autant que le résultat [...] La ductilité de l'acier, un gage de stabilité et de durabilité. "
Article Vélo Vert magazine
#340 - Mars 2021
" The thing that first drew our attention to this bike was the fact that it wasn't simply another cookie-cutter steel single pivot that you see in a lot of steel bikes "