At Vulcain Cycles, our will is to offer adapted and personalized bikes, designed to be efficient and durable. Because every rider should be able to ride a bike that he likes, that helps him to exceed his limits, and that stays with him for many years.

Our frames are fully manufactured in our workshop, in the heart of the Auvergne, in France. We handle the design, manufacturing and welding of the frames, right up to the assembly of the complete bikes.

We use high quality steel tubes, allowing an easier, faster riding, all with increased safety and longevity compared to other standard materials.

Each bike is unique and elaborated according to your choices. From the selection of the components, to the geometry and dimensions of the frame, through the colors of the paint and stickers for the finish. We take the time to advise you, and offer you the most suitable solutions, according to your level, your desires and your budget.

Steel Frame

Right from the start at Vulcain, we wanted to take a step back and think about all the options that existed for the choice of the material of our frames. 

In order to offer you a range of truly durable bikes, we had to find a material that could withstand it. And when we say durable, we’re talking about eight to ten years. We also wanted a material that would be efficient, with high mechanical properties, easy to work with, for custom geometries, and that would be affordable, to offer you the best at a price that remains competitive.

It is at this precise moment, once these foundations were set, that our eyes naturally turned to the steel. The perfect material for our bikes, with its range of incredible qualities.

The exceptional mechanical properties of the steel grades used for our frames, guarantee the maximum use of the capacities for each rider, with an incomparable tolerance and nervousness, while being extremely durable. The frames are also more secure by accepting deformations in case of impacts rather than breaking.

Steel also helps us to reduce our environmental impact by being fully recyclable and by requiring less energy during its transformation than aluminum. 

All of this to tell you that at Vulcain, we believe very strongly in the potential of the steel. As riders before everything else, we simply wanted the best for us, for you.

5 good reasons to choose a Vulcain steel frame :

1 : A frame as light as a feather

Despite their high densities, steel tubes are three times stiffer than aluminium tubes. The resulting stiffness to weight ratio for the same diameter is therefore more interesting on the steel side. Because the walls of the steel tubes are thinner and the diameters are reduced, the final weight of our frames is optimized and remains lighter than most competing aluminum models, and some carbon models.

2 : An easy and fast riding

Our steel frames require less technical and physical resources from the riders, unlike other materials, providing an easier and faster ride. The high resistance in the elastic range that our tubes have, ensures greater comfort and forgives more easily riding errors in technical parts, in rocky or root areas. Our frames also deliver a nervous and efficient behavior when pushing or leaving in turns, and finally guarantee an incomparable grip, for powerful accelerations.

3 : A durable frame

The endurance resistance of our steel tubes is much higher than that of aluminum tubes, which gives to our frames an exceptional durability, by remaining dynamic and efficient for many years. Whether it is the day after your purchase or after years of use, your Vulcain frame will keep a nervous and always pleasant behavior.

4 : Don’t be afraid about impacts anymore

Our steel tubes have high ductility compared to other materials. Concretely, during an impact with a stone, a tree or during a fall, the tube undergoes only a small amount of mechanical damage. It deforms while remaining very resistant, without any risk of breakage, and allows the frame to remain solid and safe for the rider.

On aluminium or carbon frames, which are not or only slightly ductile, damage is unavoidable on impact, causing cracks or even breakage, which can make the frame dangerous to use.

5 : Make a nice act for the Earth

The approach of durable bikes and the Made in France help us to reduce our environmental impact. You help us to limit unnecessary over-consumption, promote short circuit exchanges, and improve the respect of working conditions for qualified operators. From an energy point of view, steel production is more eco-friendly than that of aluminum, which requires colossal amounts of energy for its transformation. Finally, steel is fully recyclable and is one of the most recycled materials in the world, unlike carbon composite, which is still generally treated as a simple waste when it becomes unusable.

Made in France

Today, we pay a great attention to the everyday actions of life. Aware of the ecological stakes, we try to buy smarter, taking care of the origin of our products. So should we do the opposite with our bikes, by having our frames made in Asia ? No !

It was inconceivable to want to improve the riders’ experience, without taking into account our ethical and ecological values, to be in line with the philosophy of cycling, a sport in harmony with the environment.

We are therefore proud to handle the design, manufacturing, welding, and assembly of the bikes in our workshop in Auvergne, France. We also work with local partners for some of our technical machined parts, as well as for frame painting. We reduce the ecological impact of the brand by avoiding as much as possible the heavy intercontinental shipping that already pollutes our beautiful planet, and by promoting short circuit exchanges.

Working with local and french partners allows us to be reactive, and gives us the strength to act quickly, in order to guarantee an optimal quality of our parts. In this way, we support the French industrial sector of cycle and precision mechanics, which employs thousands of people and remains firmly rooted in the Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes regions. 

By respecting French laws, Vulcain Cycles and its partners contribute to reinforce the safety of employees, with protection tools for health, social and environmental. These laws also allow a better valorization of the human being and the work provided with a recognition of the skills of qualified operators.

With our workshop in the heart of Auvergne, we are sure to be close to you. It is the insurance to be able to show you everything, to be transparent. We would be happy to show you around the workshop, over a cup of coffee or a beer ! If you are interested, please contact us.

Riders Vulcain

JULIEN – Manager

Founder and manager of the brand, he supervises all stages at Vulcain : design, manufacturing and assembly of bicycles.

Passionate about mechanical sports and bicycles, he began racing downhill mountain bikes at the age of 11. With motivation, he reaches a level that allows him to discover the world cups, through the Passion Vélo team with which he will ride for several years. Parallel to competition, he is more and more interested in the design and manufacturing around the bike. He then continues his studies in this way, passing a HND (12th grade) in industrial product design, a concrete basis to enable him to transform his ideas into parts on CAD software.

After several years in a design office, he launches into the adventure and creates the brand “Vulcain Cycles” in August 2017. For the first model, the Magma DH, it will take him nearly 3 years of development, from the first sketches, to release the prototypes, ride with them by testing them, then modify and optimize the frame until the final model, now available. 

One hell of an adventure, which he is happy to offer you!

TRISTAN – Official Rider

Official rider for the brand, Tristan represents everything we love. 

He sends massive stuff on social networks with his photos and videos. He helps the development of the different Vulcain models thanks to his feedbacks and feelings.

His aerial style, all in fluidity, with his whips in all directions is spectacular. He always has a good excuse to ride his bike. As a result, his Magma DH is rarely in the garage.

Very attached to the vision of Vulcain, a steel bike enthusiast, he has been there since the beginning. He has always given great importance to this material, and we didn’t hesitate for a long time to offer him a place at Vulcain when we saw his motivation, his style, and his good mood!

He is also a pilot for the brands Bluegrass and Thirty7even.

Go follow him on his social networks :

Instagram page of Tristan

Facebook page of Tristan